Hidden Mountain 

More than just a travel company

Mission Statement - Small is Mighty 


The goal for Hidden Mountain is to provide not only a unique and unforgettable winter sports experience to our customers  - but to support and promote those small local businesses who so often don't receive the recognition they deserve.  


In smaller resorts the chalets, hotels, restaurants and shops tend to be locally owned and operated, family businesses that are the beating heart of these regions.  


Travelling with Hidden Mountain  means helping to maintain these communities and their local economies,  by ensuring that seasonal visitor spend is not diverted into the pockets of multinationals but instead goes toward securing the future of these fragile rural communities. 

We believe that a ski holiday should be more than just a week on the snow amongst the crowds. It should be a celebration of alpine culture, an adventure into the road less travelled, a true connection between place, food, wine, community and experience. We believe that the fruit of the mountains should go to the people of the mountains, that the alpine spirit can be mixed with the desire for indulgence and celebration without losing its heart. That is why we want to create  fabulous ski opportunities, off that beaten track, away from the multinationals and right in the heart of that magnificent pioneering alpine spirit